Subject: Re: Corrupted 20011221-1.5ZA Snapshot
To: Stephen M Jones <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/01/2002 10:32:14
On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Stephen M Jones wrote:

> There is something I've not seen from everyone else .. isn't 1.5ZA
> considered experimental??

Well, yes, of course. But as I've posted before, there's "experimental,"
and there's "known to be seriously broken." :-) Problems with
drivers and the like I consider to be standard bad luck; it could
happen to any system. It was the known corruption that there was
no notice of in the notes for that snapshot that really annoyed me.

> I won't tell you what you should and shouldn't do, but you should
> just update from the 1-5 Release directory .. There you can find
> the 1.5.3_alpha kernel and friends.

Oh, the client tried 1.5.2 on his own first, and I gave it another
go when I got in. 1.5.2 will not boot on those systems, unfortunately.

> If he knows anything about UNIX he'll probably come screaming back.

He doesn't. :-) And I think he's lucky with Linux on this system.
The only thing it's going to be doing is runing as a mail server
(with a separate user information database--not passwd file), so
I think he stands a reasonable chance of getting it up and running
and ignoring it after that.

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