Subject: Re: Help identify this Alpha (for NetBSD install)
To: Havard Eidnes <>
From: GNUOrder <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/24/2001 12:44:48
On Friday 05 October 2001 07:06, Havard Eidnes wrote:
> > > There is no such thing as a 64-bit SCSI board that's supported by t=
> > > old SRM, so far as I can tell.  You will have to use a cheap one to
> > > boot.  :(
> >
> > Really?  By "old SRM", do you mean all SRM versions for PC164, or do =
> > mean I could upgrade to a newer version which might support a 64bit c=
> > I'm fearing you mean the former...
> Digital (err... Compaq err... HPaq?) long ago stopped adding new
> device driver support to SRM for the PC164.  This basically means you
> will have the best chances for booting with a card from that era, and
> most preferably a DEC-labeled card -- that goes for both SCSI and
> Ethernet.

You could always try LinuxBIOS.  They have it running for the ds10's, not=
sure about PC164 support.  Despite the linux name, it can be used to net =
and boot up BSD from what I hear.


> In my case (I own a PC164), I ended up buying an IDE drive, since the
> SRM software on the PC164 can boot from it, and I seem to recall that
> the initial boot was done using floppy, because not just "any old
> 21x4x card" will work for netbooting.  Mine could not netboot with a
> Kingston 21140-based card, identified by NetBSD as "de0: 21140
> [10-100Mb/s] pass 1.2", but I think my colleague who managed to put
> his hands on a DEC DE500-XA did manage to net-boot his system (it's a
> while ago, so my memory is a little hazy on the matter).
> Regards,
> - H=E5vard