Subject: Problems installing 1.5.2
To: None <>
From: Tom Dropka <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/19/2001 07:50:17

I'm trying to install 1.5.2 on my Cabriolet/PC64 (64 MB, 53C810, Matrox
Millenium I).  I just switched from ARC to SRM 4.8-1 (is there a later
version for the PC64?) and the first boot floppy isn't doing much.  It
gets to the "jumping to bootstrap code" part and eventually I don't
hear the floppy drive anymore, but the light stays on and then the
light on the CDROM drive (with no CD inserted) comes on.  The system
seems to be locked up after that.

This system will boot the Redhat floppies just fine, so I'm pretty sure
the hardware is playing nicely with SRM.  I hope it's just something
silly or obvious that I'm doing wrong, but I haven't found anything in
the docs or the mailing list.

I'd really like to try out the *BSDs and leave the Linux-kernel-a-day
thing behind...


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