Subject: Two dead AXPpxi33 boards?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/17/2001 22:17:17
I think I have a pair of dead AXPpci33 boards here. I'd like a second
opinion, preferably useful but sympathetic will do. I'd swear this board
worked before.

I have the board sitting on it's cardboard box sitting on top of the
case I'm testing it with. The power supply is good as far as I know,
since it worked fine with a 486 up until I took the 486 board out.

I have two 8 meg SIMMs in the lower two slots; the SIMMs were taken
out of my AS 200 4/233 where they've been working fine since 1996.

No video card I have works, including the PCI card out of my working
AS 200. I can't test the serial ports until I get some adaptors, so
I'm ordering some next week. 

Hooking up a keyboard doesn't do anything to affect the video card. A
keyboard (PS/2-style) that I hooked up had all three lights 
(num,caps,scroll) on, and no key affected their status. 

A speaker connected to the board does nothing. 

My case happens to have a power led with wires to two 1-pin cables, so
I'm able to test the diagnostic connector (J6, not the manufacturing
one). It appears the pins are 1-16 with 1 being the lowest and farthest
back, and it appears that the pins zig zag. 

Having said that, connecting the LED's white wire to pin 15 and the green
wire to pin 1 results in a LED shining waaaaay too bright (pin 1 is +5V).
Moving the green wire to what I'm pretty sure is pin 7 or pin 9 results
in a normally shining LED (7 and 9 are LED enable and clock). None of 
the lines D0-D7 ever do anything. In particular, D7 should light up
while any test is running, but it doesn't. I get nothing. So, it appears
the board doesn't even try to self-test.

Now, I have a working AXPpci33 sitting here running, and I figured I'd
drop that processor on these two problem boards. Problem is that the
running board's processor is too hot to touch for some period of time
after power-down, and I don't like having the machine down for very
long (it's my secondary DNS server, a test MySQL server, and the primary
Kerberos server). So, I don't know if the boards are dead or the 
processor is dead (I have two boards to test but only one processor).

Now, provided the processor works fine then are these boards dead?
Or have I missed something? I've got two deadweights, right?

You know, I hate to throw out a good board if I've missed something 
important. I need a working board. What do PC64 or 164LX boards go for

Thanks for any assistance.
Kevin P. Neal                      

Seen on bottom of IBM part number 1887724: