Subject: Re: z8530 driver bugs
To: None <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/17/2001 14:51:02
> Today i tried to use a modem on my DEC3000 600 - without much success.
> I remembered the statement "The z8530 driver is very buggy." on 
> So my question is: Is there a list of knowen bugs?

You're using TCWSCONS kernel specifically tailoured for DEC3000.  The
serial driver which makes possible to use video console and Xwindows is
_guaranteed not working well_ for modem use.  First; Digital engineers never
intended to design the DB25 serial port speeder than 9600bps.  Second;
this is the software implementation "shortage" of NetBSD.  Since
zsioasic driver can not cope with fancy wiring paractice found in DEC3000,
so called "hardware flow control" does not work with it.   It'd be shameful
it can not utilize IOASIC serial DMA channels gracefully.   If everything
is got sorted out sanely as DU/Tru64, the resulting would be fully functional
modem port but it runs 9600bps (overdrive might be possible if feasible).

>Also, that page states:
>Since no frame buffer or keyboard is supported on DEC 3000/500-family
>systems, you MUST use a serial console when running NetBSD/alpha on them.
>As I am typing this on the DEC3000 600 running X11 on a PMAGB-B / SFB,
>this should really be updated. :-)

The page mentions the original "scc" driver.  It lacks WSCONS feature and
is superceded by "zsioasic" driver.   Neither is as mature as DU/Tru64
in capability.

Tohru Nishimura