Subject: Re: PX/PXG Xserver
To: Andrew Doran <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/12/2001 14:50:55

> > Do you know if it is possible to tune the PXG+ from 66Hz V-freq. up to
> > 72Hz? Perhaps by changing the 119.843 MHz oscillator?
> I don't know. I opened up one of the monitors I had and `adjusted' it, bu=
t I
> wouldn't recommend that. :-)
That monitor is a HP (Hitachi OEM). I already `adjusted' it from the HP
9000 (712 in my case) timing to the DEC 1280x1024@72Hz timing used by my=20
VXT2000+ SPX and my Alphastation 200 with TGA2. The problem with further=20
`adjustments' is that the H-freq of the DEC 1280x1024@66Hz timing differes
to much from the 72Hz to be `adjusted'.=20

But this is a future project. I tested your PX X11 server with my PXG+
on my DEC 3000 600. The first start of the X11 server scramled the screan,=
then the server core dumped. At the next try the screan was even more
scramled, no core dump this time. I telneted into the machine, killed
the server, started it a third time and the machine went to lala-land.=20
=3D> power switch.=20
Please let me know when you have somthing new to test. Up to that I=20
will stay with my PMAGB-B.=20