Subject: Re: Help identify this Alpha (for NetBSD install)
To: NetBSD/Alpha <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/04/2001 21:11:32
In message <Pine.LNX.4.31.0110041847500.8365-100000@uranus.terran>, "B. James P
hillippe" writes:
>> There is no such thing as a 64-bit SCSI board that's supported by the old
>> SRM, so far as I can tell.  You will have to use a cheap one to boot.  :(


Yup.  It supports some (but not all) Qlogic 1040's, and some (but not all)
Symbios '875's.  And nothing newer.

>By "old SRM", do you mean all SRM versions for PC164,

Yes.  You may have missed my heroic struggles to find a supported card.
Thanks to Matthew Jacob, I now have some that *will* work on order.

>or do you
>mean I could upgrade to a newer version which might support a 64bit card?
>I'm fearing you mean the former...


>Right - I like to be able to netboot from SRM. :-)  I can dig up a ton of
>DEC 21X4X-based boards from work.  I used to do some driver development for

Ahh, cool.

>> You lucky scumbag.  ;)  I've got about 8 of those cards, none of which
>> work with a PC164.

>Hmm, so you are saying I should be happy with the card that's in there, eh?

Yes.  You are very lucky to have such a card.  I went through about five
'875's trying to find the ones that work with the old version of the SRM
console; I eventually gave up, and I'm buying some expensive Qlogic cards.