Subject: Help identify this Alpha (for NetBSD install)
To: NetBSD/Alpha <>
From: B. James Phillippe <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/04/2001 17:43:48
Hello All,

I'm just going crazy with NetBSD/alpha. :-)  I have an AS200 4/233
installed and running 1.5.2 smoothly, and I just bought a used 21164-era
Alpha on which I also plan to install NetBSD.  It's currently running NT4
and has (obviously) the ARC console.  My first step is to install the
latest version of SRM for this thing, but I need to know which firmware to
use first.

Here are some observations:

	o 21164 processor, probably an "A", at 500Mhz
	o 1 DEC 21172-CA chip
	o 7 DEC 21172-BA chips
	o 1 Intel S823782B chip (ISA bridge?)
	o 1 CMD0646 chip (PCI IDE?)
	o 2 64bit PCI slots
	o 2 32bit PCI slots
	o 2 ISA slots
	o 8 SIMM slots
	o Onboard IDE (2 channels)
	o Onboard DB9 serial, parallel and PS/2 kbd/mouse
	o No onboard SCSI or ethernet

It boots into the Alphabios console from which I can launch NT4.  I'd like
to flash SRM into it and begin a NetBSD install.  Can anyone identify this
board by name/number, and tell me which SRM firmware to load?  I can relay
model numbers from the stickers on the board, if that helps.

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