Subject: Re: DEC 3000/400 ongoing saga...
To: <>
From: Jeff Duffy <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/04/2001 17:46:20
rb wrote:

> Finally got hold of a compatible CD drive for my Sandpiper and
> managed to get NetBSD booting from it right away using the Monash
> cdhdtape image.
> During install, when sysinst runs newfs on sd0a, it fails with 
>     [blah blah blah]
>     write error: 13104
>     wtfs: Input/output error
> Similarly, when dropping out of sysinst to the shell and running fsck on
> sd0a, I get:
>     ** /dev/rsd0a
>     uid 0 on /: file system full
>     /: write failed, file system is full
>     fsck: /dev/rsd0a: Floating point exception
> I'm assuming that the drive is beat...if anyone wants to cheer me up 
> by informing me otherwise, I'm all ears!

 Well, I just finished installs of NetBSD and FreBSD on a pair of alphastation 255s,

 and I had to put the disks preciously used by OSF/1 in another machine,

 delete the partitioning info on the drives and *then* install

  to get it to work properly. I was getting some of the same error 
messages; particularly "file system full". Bizarre, but they're humming 
along now, so you might try it.