Subject: X on DEC 3000/600 - 2 displays?
To: None <>
From: Ben Thompson <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/02/2001 18:55:14
Hi all,

I recently acquired a DEC 3000/600 with dual PMAGB-BA turbochannel video
cards.  So far, I've been able to install NetBSD 1.5 on it, including
wscons.  However, I'm having no luck getting an X server running.  I've
installed the remake of XalphaNetBSD at, but it drops
out with "Fatal server error: no screens found." The same thing happens with
the original installed version of XalphaNetBSD.

Has anyone had any luck with this (or any other) X server in a dual-display
configuration?  I guess another option is to try and re-compile the source
myself, but I don't really have enough time to devote to it at the moment.

Would it be worth removing one of the turbochannel cards, and trying it with
just one display?  NetBSD seems to recognize them OK, though.

Many thanks for info/assistance anyone might be able to provide.