Subject: RE: Trouble installing on 3000/400
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From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/01/2001 12:28:07
Thanks Brian, and also Manuel for the other reply.

The answer is that yes, most of the install *had* been done, so on reboot it
would come up single-user. Then I just had to change the line in rc.conf
that says RC_CONF_DONE=NO to YES (or whatever it was), and it booted
multi-user. X works, too, using the patch on the monash web site (can't
remember the URL).

Anyway, there are still a few holes in the install, but this is not a
mission-cricitcal machine, so I can play with it at my leisure.

Having finished the install, I found the install manual I had printed, which
pretty much outlined what Brian and Manuel were getting at...

Cheers, and thanks again,
Matthew van de Werken
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CSIRO Exploration & Mining - Gravity Group
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> To: Manuel Bouyer
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> Subject: Re: Trouble installing on 3000/400
> > If the install tool dies when setting the timezone I 
> suspect most of the
> > other stuffs have been set up.
> > 
> > Check that /etc/fstab exists and then type 'mount -a'
> > you should then be able to use an editor (after export 
> TERM=vt100 eventually)
> > to e.g. edit /etc/rc.conf
> i've found it's a good skill to learn what sysinst does and 
> learn to do it
> manually.  there are many occasions where sysinst would blow 
> up while installing
> NetBSD so i've resorted to booting an install kernel to a 
> prompt, layout the
> disks, untar stuff and then manually config everything.  it's 
> less elegant, and
> generally more work, but works 100% of the time.
> just my $0.02
> -brian