Subject: DEC Multias or SS1+ & SS2?
To: NetBSD/Alpha Mail List \(E-mail\) <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/26/2001 10:53:45
	This message is posted to port-alpha and port-sparc, because of the
nature of the question...

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...

Okay, here's the situation. I got a 10baseT network, with a DSL connection.
I'm wondering what you all thought would be a better setup for my NetBSD
servers (all with minimal custom kernels, of course!).

Firewall:    Web/ftp:      DHCP/ftp for LAN
32 MB RAM    64(or32?)RAM  64(or32?)RAM
340 MB HDD   1.5 GB HDD    1 GB HDD
---All are Digital Equip. Multias 166 MHz

... or would this be fine, considering what the Sparcs are good for ...

Firewall:     Web/ftp:    DHCP/ftp for LAN
SS1+ 25 MHz   SS2 40 MHz  SS1+ 25 MHz
64 MB RAM     64 MB RAM   64 MB RAM
500 MB HDD    2 GB HDD    2 GB HDD
---All are Sun SPARCStations

...Or would a mix be best? HDD sizes can/will be changed as necessary...

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