Subject: Re: Installing on Dec 500a with 9gig quantum drive
To: Laurence Brockman <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/25/2001 21:48:14
On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 10:19:42AM -0600, Laurence Brockman wrote:
> I'm trying to install NetBSD on a Dec 500a with a 9 gig quantum scsi drive.
> Everytime I get to the point where the partitions are supposed to be created
> I get the following error:
>      Status: Failed 
>     Command: /sbin/newfs /dev/rsd0a
>      Press any key to continue
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----
> With 16065 sectors per cylinder, minimum cylinders per group is 64
> This requires the block size to be changed from 8192 to 32768
>         and the fragment size to be changed from 1024 to 4096
> At this point I'm just using the standard recomended partitions and any
> ideas would be great.

Arg, this is annoying. You have to change the default geometry of yor drive.

Exit sysinst and get a shell. run 'disklabel sd0'
In the disklabel output you have 4 fields:
sectors/track: 63
tracks/cylinder: 16
sectors/cylinder: 1008
cylinders: 16383

You have to reduce the number of sectors/cylinder, for this you need to either
reduce the number of sectors/track or tracks/cylinder (or both)
In my example I could divide sectors/track by 3, which would give:
sectors/track: 21
tracks/cylinder: 16
sectors/cylinder: 336
cylinders: 49149
(sectors/cylinder * cylinders has to be constant, so if I divide one by 3,
I have to mult the other by 3).

To change this, run 'disklabel -i sd0', select 'I', anserw questions
(don't forget to enter the new values) and then 'W' to write the new disklabel.

Manuel Bouyer <>