Subject: blank-blue-screen on AXPPCI33
To: '' <>
From: Ghering Paul <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/24/2001 16:04:22

I recently bought an Alpha system with AXPPCI33 systemboard with MILO loaded
in flash. To install NetBSD on this system I will need the SRM-console. So I
created(?) the failsafe bootflop from fwupdate.exe and mkboot.exe and
changed the jumper thing. When I powerup my system it will start from
floppy, after I while the videobios is shown for a short time and the screen
is turning blue with the flashing cursorline in the top left corner. from
this point nothing happens. Do I forget something at this point. I tried
everything to create the failsafe floppy on different ways(fdimage,
makeboot)with the files provided on and the Compaq
firmware CD, but the result is always the same. The milo failsafe loader
from floppy with image milo.dd is loading just fine, but lacks the
possibility to update the flash with SRM (right?).
My configuration is AXPPCI33 with 166Mhz Alpha, Diamond PCI Stealth, 4x4MB
36bit (upgrade is planned),floppy, 1.1GB SCSI-2 HDD and MILO 2.0.30 loaded
in flash.
I 'm sure there must be a solution for this, Can anybody help me?