Subject: Re: Building X
To: Brian Hechinger , Lars <>
From: Michael A. Smith <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/20/2001 16:13:44
At 10:22 2001-07-20 -0400, Brian Hechinger wrote:
>when i power it on, it goes to the chevron (i heard someone
>call that the dead sargent prompt, i like that better *G*) prompt and waits
>for me to type boot.  i don't need to tell it anything else, it knows 
>where to boot from since BOOT is set, it knows to go into auto since 
>BOOT_OSFLAGS is A, but it won't do jack until i type boot.  how do i get 
>this thing to just boot at powerup like every other machine i have does?

My DEC Server 3300 has a "Halt" button on the front (well, three buttons: 
Power, Halt, Reset). When the Halt button is IN, the machine will go to SRM 
and wait, regardless of the auto-boot setup. If the Halt button is OUT, it 
will auto-boot (if so set) or go to SRM (if not). It's also not easy to 
tell when the button is IN or OUT (D'OH!).

Maybe something like that is going on with your hardware (but I know 
nothing specific about the 3000/300LX).

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