Subject: Problem Loading NetBSD on a Multia
To: 'Darren Patterson' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/18/2001 15:08:08
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Darren ---
	If you aren't already, I would suggest joining the NetBSD/Alpha port
mailing list. Starting to get a little beyond me :-)
Main Alpha port page...
I'm forwarding this to there for now...

I assume you're trying to load NetBSD 1.5.1...

! ok i think i have done everything per your instructions 
! below, assuming my current disk is a scsi drive it
! should boot ok from srm...the problem is when i get to
! the last part of the install it fails, it is unable to
! set the root password....?? complains about a file been
! missing and failing the sanity check, dont know why
! files are missing, i installed all the required sets.

Did it say what file is missing? What is the whole message?

! i used the two boot floppies to install and load the 
! software. any ideas on this failing due to inability to
! set root password? looks like the passwd file does not
! exist....when i reboot and try to boot from the srm
! prompt it says no valid file system on the disk.
! regards

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