Subject: Re: DEC 3000/400 Serial Port Question
To: port-alpha mailing list <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/09/2001 09:39:15
On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Collin Baillie wrote:

=> Just wondering if some hardware guru on DEC 3000's (mine is a model 400)
=> knows how fast the serial ports on this beast are? I plan to hang a standard
=> external 56k modem off it and making it my internet gateway.

I don't know how fast the hardware can go theoretically, but I could
never drive the serial port on my DEC 3000/300 at anything other than
9600.  I asked on port-alpha a long time ago, but I could never
ascertain for certain whether this was something to do with that port
being for the serial console, and hence perhaps "hard wired" at 9600.

In the end, I took off my external modem, and pointed my DEC 3000/300 at
a PeeCee with a 56K modem on my home LAN, and used that for my Internet
gateway instead...

I hope you have more luck.




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