Subject: Re: 10 Base 2 on alpha
To: schaecsn <>
From: Ken Wellsch <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/09/2001 09:14:49
Now that I can fire up my AlphaStation 200 4/233 I see what you mean.
The unit has a 10baseT connection next to a BNC connection.  This is
the "integrated" Ethernet - it is not a conventional card.  Yet, using
the tlp driver, the media choices are:

as200# ifconfig -m tlp0
        supported Ethernet media:
                media 10baseT
                media 10baseT mediaopt full-duplex
                media 10base5
                media manual

schaecsn wrote:
> Hi,
> I do have a question concerning the ethernet card DEC 21040 of my Alpha
> 200 4/100.
> (cavet: maybe ethernet is already running, but I can't tell because the
> ethernetcard on the other side of the network (intel-linux) is also
> making trouble. nothing sent at one side reaches the other side. sniffit
> keeps silent).
> My ethernetcard has two interfaces, 10 Base-T and 10 Base 2 (BNC). To
> avoid buying a hub I would like to use the latter interface.
> the manpage for "de" tells me that I do have a 10 Base-T and an AUI/BNC
> interface. what do the manpage mean with AUI/BNC? I don't have an AUI
> but just a BNC interface! anyway.
> when using ifconfig's media option I get besides the argument "10baseT"
> also the argument "AUI" but not the argument "BNC" working (SIOCGIFFLAGS
> inet: Device not configured).
> the main question: what argument do I need for ifconfig's media type?
> AUI although I would like to use BNC?
> The Alpha 500 manual (not 200) which explains me that I have to set for
> some, but not for all, OSes the environment variable ewa0_mode at the
> >>>-prompt to some value. do I have to fiddle around with that, too?
> I would appreciate any help.
> thanks, Stefan