Subject: Re: AXPpci-33 memory question
To: '' <>
From: Ross Alexander <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/28/2001 20:45:40
* David Woyciesjes
> Has anyone had any luck using 16x36 (64MB) memory in the AXPpci-33
> (a.k.a. NoName)?

According to the OEM Design Guide:
"Support for 64MB SIMMs is available with installation of serial ROM 
version 0.4 or higher. See Table A-2 for information about the 233 MHz 
upgrade  kit for 166 MHz boards (factory installable only). 
Alternatively, Intel hex format code to reprogram the existing serial 
ROM can be obtained over the Internet. See Section F.2 for details."

F.2 refers to

I haven't pursued it any further at this point.

Ross Alexander