Subject: RE: Multia won't boot
To: 'John Hayward' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/27/2001 12:13:26
	How was the airflow and cooling on your Multia? If you look at the
bottom of the board, how does the E215 chip look? Hopefully it's not burnt
(Heat Death...)

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! From: John Hayward []
! Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 12:02 PM
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! Subject: Multia won't boot
! Dear NetBSDers,
!    I had an Multia running for some time.  I've had 
! NetBSD-1.5 running on
! it.  It had been serving as a NAT machine, web server, imap 
! server etc on 
! my DSL line.  About 6 weeks ago i noticed some halts while
! running.  
!    Sometimes when I attempted to reboot it seemed to stop 
! before it got to
! the SRM console information - the monitor would indicate it 
! was recieving
! no signal before anything was displayed.  Sometimes it would boot but 
! hang part way thru the messages.  Other times it would boot and
! seem to run for several days.
!    About 5 weeks ago TELOCITY DSL went out and was out for 4 
! weeks.  I was
! gone on vacation duing the last part of this time and when I came back
! last night I could not get the Multia to ever get to the point I could
! see anything on the monitor.  I removed the NCR SCSI controler, PCI
! eithernet card, reseated memory, tried some other memory all 
! to no avail.
!    Previously I had trouble (of a different sort) and several people
! suggested getting a new clock battery.  I think that was 
! about a 15 months
! ago.
!    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
!    I also would be interested in getting the info off the SCSI
! disk.  Should I be able to access this from a VAX or MIPS 
! machine or is
! the 64 bit integers/indianess going to be an issue?
! johnh...