Subject: Re: Slightly Off-Topic...
To: Chris Rupnik <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/26/2001 01:51:33
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"Chris Rupnik" wrote:
>Hi Guys,
> Well, I have had some experience with the HP Itanium stuff. Its actually
>pretty cool to boot windowsXP (for whatever that is worth), HPUX and then
>Linux. Same machine.
> Remember, PARISC CPU's cost about 10k each. Itaniums run as quick or faster
>and cost a lot less. This is a good thing. Its the right direction. A PIII
>cpu is a pretty quick thing, and sure does not cost a lot. Its a great time,

Well, I resisted the thread, but I couldn't stop from being a part of
the most active thread in recent port-alpha history, could I?

According to HP (somewhere near
) there is a PDF which states the the fastest Itanium that they offer
in a 2-way configuration, 800MHz tested on May 2001 gives:
	SPECfp2000:	658*
	SPECint2000:	400*

	hp workstation i2000 performance results can be found at:

	* Peak results for 2-way 800MHz, 2MB Cache, and current for
	  May 2001 -- Itanium performance will continue to improve
	  as compilers mature

compare this at (from, with actual submitted results):
(just a few interesting ones).

						#CPU	Base	Peak
AMD	Gigabyte GA-7DX Motherboard, 1.4GHz	1	495	554
Compaq	AlphaServer DS20E Model 68/833		1	497	571
Dell	Precision WorkStation 330 (1.70 GHz)	1	574	591
HP	hp workstation j6700			1	569	603

On the other hand, the results for floating point math
are much more competitive.

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