Subject: Re: Slightly Off-Topic...
To: Wolfgang Rupp <>
From: bad bob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/25/2001 17:10:34
Wolfgang Rupp wrote:
> Laurent FAILLIE wrote:
> > And what about VMS ?
> > It will be ported to this shit^H^H^H^H wanderfull
> > architecture ?
> Maybe... then again, the port may be delayed a bit, and afterwards
> they declare it "legacy". You will, of course, receive a generous
> offer to convert your business to the industry standard with a real,
> genuine "Windows Server". You may even be offered a trade in on
> your bad, old, legacy GS320. After all, who wants to run such a
> burden nowadays?
> Oh, you only got a couple of ES40s? Ahh, you clustered them. No
> problem, see, the industry standard OS Really Can Do Clustering,
> no sweat. It is Data Center Ready.
> If that becomes true, maybe we should put a mechanical typewriter
> in the server room, with a pre-typed document named "resignment.doc".
> Just fill in name and employee number, in case your setup is tested
> by real life.
> Wolfgang Rupp
> Am I a pessimist?
I don't think so, I think you are spot on.
I seem to recall the pdp -> vax, vax -> alpha transitions ...
something about an industry consortium to work RISC products based 
on turbo channels and MIPS cpus...vague, fuzzy memory.
I think vaxen also had PDP11 compatibility at one time too...
BUT at least we have NetBSD and alpha.  With that, we can
run pdp and vax emulations!!  Even run NetBSD native on
a vax!!