Subject: Slightly Off-Topic...
To: NetBSD Vax Port <>
From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/25/2001 08:59:23
Just saw this on the morning News... Should never have let them buy DEC,
I tell ya..
 - J. Buck Caldwell

Compaq to Phase Out Computer Lines Not Using Intel

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Compaq Computer Corp. (NYSE:CPQ - news) on Monday
said it had agreed to a technology-sharing pact to build high-powered
computers with chip maker Intel Corp. (NasdaqNM:INTC - news) and would
scale back computer lines based on chip technology developed in-house.

The pact will give Intel broad access to Compaq technology used in the
Compaq family of computers known as Alpha and Himalaya, servers that are
used to run high-powered databases and business operations from stock
exchanges to phone networks.

``Compaq will consolidate its entire 64-bit family of servers onto
Itanium microprocessor architecture by 2004,'' Houston-based Compaq said
in a statement.

Itanium is Intel's latest generation of chip technology, designed to run
powerful computer servers and usher in a new era of mainframe-class
power on personal computers. Sixty-four bit processing multiplies the
amount of data that can be processed on a computer compared with the
more common 32-bit chips.

The deal with Intel frees Compaq to phase out its Alpha server platform,
which is based on non-Intel chips and was developed a decade ago by
Compaq acquisition Digital Equipment Corp. as the first 64-bit chip
family. Compaq said it is transferring significant Alpha microprocessor
and development tools to Intel. No financial terms were disclosed.