Subject: DEC 3000/400 TC FB and OS choices.
To: None <>
From: Collin Baillie <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/05/2001 23:38:18
Hi guys,

I have recently obtained a DEC 3000 Alpha. I have gathered it is a Model 400
as it runs at 133MHz. It has a TurboChannel BUS. I have 64MB RAM, 4.5GB HDD,
and a DKA400.

The guy who passed it on to me pulled the framebuffer out of it, and as I
had a VT420, he didn't include the mouse/keyboard.

I have a few questions:

1. I have a VAXStation 3100 with mouse (VSXXX-GA) and Keyboard (LK-401) Will
these work with the 3000?
2. Assuming the above is 'Yes' I would put the VT on the VAX and run X on
the 3000, but I need to get a FB for the 3000. Which PMAG's work currently?
There's a note saying FB's don't work on the 'supported hardware' page, but
in this mail list people are talking about running X on DEC 3000's.
3. Finally, I have access to the 19" monitor which works with the VAX (not
sure of model #) Is it likely this will work? I know it can do 1024x768 @
60Hz. Takes RGB input. I'm trying to find out details. What monitor would be
good to get if this is not an option?

Anyway. I have access to DEC Unix 3.2 CD, and was wondering which would
provide better support for a X session? I want to use this machine as a

Does anyone have any cards/monitors available? I am in Australia. I am
willing to pay. I would really like to get this thing running as a useable