Subject: Re: how to boot from cd on a Dec 3000 M400 with unformatted HD
To: John Cortes <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/05/2001 03:22:33
On June 5, John Cortes wrote:
> Could anyone help me out with booting from a Net BSD cd (scsi id 3) on a 
> DEC 3000 M400. I am trying to install version 1.5 with no success. The 
> computer ran VMS until it crashed once and destroyed all on the hard disk. 
> I grabbed it from the dumpster with the intent of installing BSD on it. I 
> get SRM screen fine from the Turbochannel graphics card. I have tried using 
> the command boot dka300 with no success and I never see the machine try to 
> access the cd-rom at all. I have searched around a lot about how to do this 
> but have not seen any docs on this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  Are you sure the CDROM is on dka300?  I brought up a 3000/400 today;
it's [factory-installed] CDROM drive was on dka400.

  From a dumpster, eh?  Man, there are some unbelievably STUPID people
in this world.  Fortunately, the "enlightened" folks like us can
occasionally [like this time] benefit from the stupidity of others. :)

                -Dave McGuire