Subject: 3000/400
To: Charles Redmond <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/05/2001 03:20:05
On June 4, Charles Redmond wrote:
> I had a 3000/400 at home for a while but are you aware these things suck a maximum of 1500 Watts! (the reason I shutdown mine and went to
> a AS255/233, 3000/300 and a jensen and I'm still better off power wise)
> Mind you, despite the slow (133 Mhz) CPU these things have the widest memory bus in any alpha (256 bits wide) and will flog a lot of the pci machines in performance.

  While I don't duobt that the AS255 or 3000/300 will pull less power
than a 3000/400, I should point out that (while this is hardly a
"calibrated" number) I brought up a 3000/400 for a friend
today...loaded with SIMMs and two drives, the machine and a VT320 lit
up ONE LED on the 6-or-so-LED load bargraph on an APC 1KVA UPS.
Again, while it's far from a quantifiable number, I'd hardly call it
excessive power consuption.

  Darn nice machine for the fifty bucks I paid for it...certainly zippy
enough for a local web cache/caching dns server/dhcp
server/www/php/mysql machine on the end of a DSL circuit.

          -Dave McGuire