Subject: None
To: None <>
From: Charles Redmond <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/04/2001 22:56:58
Re your 3000/400 problem..
does a show dev confirm the cdrom being dka300?
DEC normally set cdrom drives to being id4 so I would have expected
the cd drive to be boot dka400.
Is the cdrom the original one with the machine?
Can you cau and paste the output of a show dev into a posting to the list? (You might be able to do this if you setup a serial console link via null modem cable from the alpha to another unix box, but from memory the 3000/400 has an mmj style console connector.

Finally, it might well be easier to netboot the box anyway from another unix machine.

I had a 3000/400 at home for a while but are you aware these things suck a maximum of 1500 Watts! (the reason I shutdown mine and went to
a AS255/233, 3000/300 and a jensen and I'm still better off power wise)
Mind you, despite the slow (133 Mhz) CPU these things have the widest memory bus in any alpha (256 bits wide) and will flog a lot of the pci machines in performance.


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