Subject: Re: AXPpci 33 166MHz Mobo & parity RAM?
To: Chris Tribo <>
From: Ross Alexander <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/03/2001 06:32:58
If you're patient you'll probably see some ram come up on eBay (as I 

Related to the cache, I used supported cache chips from a couple of 486 
boards. Is there any way of knowing if it's detected & functioning? I 
don't see any SRM or NetBSD command that would tell me this.

* "T. Martin" <>:

> Chris,
> The Ram is True parity 36bit.
>  Teh 1 Meg cache ram chips are obsolete and scarce as hens teeth. Go
>  get the cache chips off old 486 boards to get the 256k needed. Its
> actually 384k I think, but it sees it as 256k. It does help but don't
> expect miracles out the noname, it was a low end server.
> Terry
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> On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Chris Tribo wrote:
>>     I recently picked up an AXPpci 33 mobo and tossed it in an old
>>     AT tower case, my first Alpha. I've got just about everything
>> figured out, except for the RAM and cache. My searches for decently
>> priced 36 bit parity RAM at 70ns or faster has been pretty
>> fruitless, except for the $60 for 4x8MB auctions on Ebay (two of
>> them), and retailers asking ~$120 for 2x32MB. Anyone have any leads
>> on where to find some RAM?
>>      I haven't looked for cache, but I should probably be able to
>>      find something through DigiKey or some such mail order catalog.
>>     I have a few unknown 72 pin RAM chips with 12 chips on them, 8
>>     of one type and four of another, but right now I just see the
>> video BIOS message printed on the screen, it clears and then I get a
>> blue screen with a flashing cursor. I'm guessing that means it
>> doesn't understand the RAM because it's probably ECC and not parity.
>> I've tried serial console, an Orchid Kelvin, and a Diamond Stealth
>> 64 VRAM. Any tips/pointers/ideas?
>>     Chris

Ross Alexander