Subject: Re: Any Alpha Server 2100 support in NetBSD?
To: None <>
From: Jeff Workman <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/02/2001 00:06:26
Stoned koala bears drooled eucalyptus spit in awe as NetBSD Bob exclaimed:

> I have a lead on an old Alpha Server 2100 crate.  I was wondering
> if there was any usable NetBSD support for this particular machine?
> It looks like it might make a fair home server, assuming it can be
> raised from the dead.

<AOL>Me too!</AOL>

I just picked up an AlphaServer 2100 4/233 and I am wanting to run NetBSD 
on it.  I can get it to get halfway through the install floppies, but then 
the kernel says there's no support compiled for the CPU.  So, I went over 
to another one of my alphas and tried to compile a kernel with appropriate 
support, and 'make depend' barfed when it couldn't find pci_2100_a500.c. 
This is with NetBSD 5.1-release.  I see that in the 'current' tree this 
file exists.  Are these machines usable with NetBSD now?  If so, can I just 
copy the pci_2100_a500.c and pci_2100_a500.h files from 'current' into my 
'release' source tree and built a usable kernel to install and boot?

I think Linux supports this machine but I *really* do not want to run Linux 
(or True64, or VMS) on it.


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