Subject: Re: location of /compat/osf1 in 1.4.2
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/28/2000 00:21:51
On 27 Sep, R. C. Dowdeswell wrote:

> The compat_osf1 kernel code is in sys, but in order to run OSF/1
> binaries, you must obtain the contents of /emul/osf1 from a
> OSF/1^WDU^WTru64 machine as we can't distribute them because of
> copyright issues.  You should probably also have an OSF/1 license
> in order to comply with the licensing.
Have a look at 
The Netscape RPM contains a minimal set of shared librarys from Tru64.
Get it convert it with rpm2cpio to a usable/portable archive format and
extract the files you need.