Subject: RE: quick stupid question....
To: 'D. Jay Newman' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/21/2000 10:21:33
It is a shell script, so as Frerick Bruckman said...
"...It's a script? If so, it needs to be "chmod a+x", or else run it as
"/bin/sh /rp-pppoe-2.3/adsl-start"..."

So I added the "/bin/sh" part, and got "device not configured"

Then removed the "/bin/sh" part, did "chmod a+x" on 'adsl-start', and seems
like that worked. But I can't really tell, since I'm working on my laptop
here at work, and my DSL line is at home... PPPoE just timed out. Looks like
that did it. I'll know definitely when I get home toady...

Thanks to all for thier help!  :-)

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> Subject:	Re: quick stupid question....
> >	Apologies, but I'm looking for an answer to a stupid question I
> >have. I want to run the command "/rp-pppoe-2.3/adsl-start" at boot time,
> so
> >I put it in "/etc/rc.local", like it said in the docs. But when I reboot,
> I
> >got "permission denied". My guess is it (the command) needs to be run as
> >root somehow. Should that line go in a different file? Yes, I did all the
> >tweaking as root, since this machine won't have the need for any other
> >users...
> Unless they've changed the bootup sequence, rc.local is still run as
> root.
> Is the file /rp-pppoe-2.3/adsl-start executable, and are all the
> filesystems
> mounted at that time (I *think* they are, but I'm not sure).
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