Subject: Re: NetBSD: What do you guys use for Mail?
To: justme <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/20/2000 20:37:49
On September 20, justme wrote:
> I have finally straightened out my home net.  Have my first 2 alphas
> on line, setting them up.
> I am going to use apache for the web server, I have that.
> I am trying to figure out what to use for mail (pop) access to 
> snatch mail for me.  I am looking for recommendations.
> I have been thru the packages, snagged a few, but before I start
> I figured  I would ask.

  If you're an emacs user, VM ( is very
nice.  It's written in emacs lisp and runs in an emacs (or xemacs)
window.  It's highly configurable, can speak POP, and (not
surprisingly) has an editor startup time of zero, 'cause you're
already in emacs! :-)

  If you're not an emacs user, though...don't even think about it. :)

        -Dave McGuire