Subject: NetBSD on UP1000 - advice needed
To: NetBSD Alpha <>
From: Neoklis <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/19/2000 07:31:54

I am interested in trying NetBSD on my UP1000 ev6 desktop and 
would appreciate any advice on the following:

I understand I need to re-flash to SRM from AlphaBIOS to support
NetBSD. There is SRM 5.6 beta for the UP1000 and I wonder if this
will work on a unit with all-ide disks (I have two ide hdd's and
ide cdrom and cdwriter).

Is there a driver for an AGP Matrox G200 video card? Can I run
Netscape or similar browsers and other X clients in X Window?

I use cdrecord to write data CD's and this needs scsi-ide simulation
in the kernel. Is this available in NetBSD? Or an alternative?

Are there drivers for a multiport RS232 ISA expansion card? I have
a DFlex 4 card from ConnectTech, this has a driver in the Linux
kernel and is important for my projects.  

I have an ISA internal hardware modem and a Sounblaster PCI128 audio
card, I suppose these are routinely supported. 

Apologies for all these questions, its a big step for me installing
NetBSD and I need this info!

Thanks in advance! 


Neoklis Kyriazis