Subject: Re: Clock drift on Miatas
To: Hal Murray <>
From: Erik Fair <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/28/2000 03:06:54
At 1:34 -0700 5/28/00, Hal Murray wrote:

>>  Do you have NTP configured in your kernel?
>Oops/thanks.  I missed that one.  Any reason it isn't on in most
>configs? (or at least included in the configs but commented out)
>Is there any reason not to turn it on?

No, there isn't. It's good code, performing a very useful function. 
It should be on by default (in fact, why is it an option at all any 

>>  How long has xntpd been running on your system (i.e. has it had
>>  enough time to figure out a decent correction to put in
>>  /var/db/ntp.drift)?
>I thought it generally worked well under light load but maybe I wasn't
>suspicious enough.

Wait half a day. The place to be looking is at the output of 
"ntptime" which will tell you what the current correction and error 
rate is.

	Erik <>