Subject: new questions...
To: alpha <>
From: HerbalGypsy/justbobthebard <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/27/2000 23:27:42
Ok, using my pc164 much more now that I have my linksys up and working.
Now, I have some more questions.

The config is pc164/500, 64MB (have not installed the other 64 yet),
20GB ide, SMC (dec) PCI ethernet card (thanks Dave), keyboard, mouse,
and a PCI video card (one of the virage that folks said work, just using
ti for text), running 1.4.1 generic.  Using the video out as the
1. I have been able to run vi and vipw a few times from the video
console. Worked fine. Now it just pops into debug when I try to do
either. What am I doing wrong? Is it the fact I am using the video? 
Yep, this puts a crimp in the config details. mumble grumble...probably
something I am doing.

2. Trying to get it to boot multiuser. Followed the directions from the
>>> prompt to set the boot defaults. No go. It just comes up in single user mode. No idea on this at all. When I was able to edit, I did set it up so that I could login under a couple of accounts just in case. Any hints?

3. Does wscons work with the video console?