Subject: Re: PMAD
To: <>
From: Ted Sikora <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/21/2000 15:12:48
Gregory Smith wrote:
>         Has anyone made any progress with the PMAD-AA card in DEC3000/400?
> With the -current (as of 17 May) kernel I get "Reg did not settle" errors,
I submitted a bug report last week so maybe it will be fixed soon.

> and unaligned accesses when doing ifconfig -a (as previously reported on
> this list).
>         If anyone has suggestions they are most welcome, otherwise I will
> have to drag out the Decstation 5000/125 to run not looking
> forward to 2 machines eating electricity and making heat when one will do.
>         An aside, the sfb support in -current is fabulous--though maybe it
> should be mentioned in the supported hardware page?
It is! Works great on my machine. 

Ted Sikora
Jtl Development Group