Subject: Re: Request for UVM patch test
To: None <>
From: Nathan J. Williams <nathanw@MIT.EDU>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/19/2000 14:58:57
<> (Jason R Thorpe) writes:

> I have a change to UVM that I need tested on a system that requires
> explicit I-cache frobbing, such as the MIPS or Alpha 21164 (I can't
> easily test this on a 21164 myself right now).

I gave this a whirl on my 21164 system, and haven't noticed any
unusual behavior in the 12 hours it's been running.

Digital AlphaPC 164 500 MHz
cpu0 at mainbus0: ID 0 (primary), 21164A-2 (pass 2)
cpu0: Architecture extensions: 1<BWX>

        - Nathan