Subject: Speaking of weird segfaults...
To: None <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/18/2000 09:28:24
The recent lengthy discourse on the malloc segfault prompts me to ask
the following: does anyone know why I keep getting errors like the one
below, particularly from Pine:

	main program: Undefined PLT symbol "strlen" (reloc type = 26,
	symnum = 14)

The "Undefined PLT symbol" changes: I've had "strtok" (quite popular:),
"fwrite", "ftell", etc.

This behaviour doesn't always happen, but is quite prevalent in Pine
when accessing remote IMAP mailboxes.

The annoying thing is that Pine will crash with the "Undefined PLT
symbol" error and you can restart it and perform the same actions again
and not get the error.  Is this some kind of race condition?  My vague
recollection is that "PLT" has something to do with shared object
libraries, but that recollection could be way off. :-)

This behaviour is annoying because it renders Pine (built out of pkgsrc)
unreliable and unstable, which is a shame because, for a modem user like
me, it has (IMHO) the best IMAP support.  (Mutt, for example, insists on
reading all the mailbox headers on startup instead of just the new ones,
and for a mailbox with ~3000 messages, this can be a bit slow over a
modem.:)  Pine has become so unstable lately, I've even taken to using
Netscape's mail client (running under OSF/1 compatibility mode) some of
the time.  The Pine "Undefined PLT symbol" seems to be worse under
higher load.

For the record, I'm using NetBSD-current 1.4Y, but this problem seems to
have been around (or at least noticeable by me) since ~1.4P.




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