Subject: Multia FAQ addition / clarification...
To: '' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/16/2000 12:40:36
Here is some technical info I just got from my brother, who is going to
repair my 166 Multia (VX40)... You might want to add this to the Multia
FAQ... Also, I got a hard drive cable from Cybernet Manufacturing in
California ( can't find the phone number right now though...)

yes, I have the chip.. I sent the form to purchasing. I do not 
know the price or anything yet... from the looks, that is all 
that is bad. I will order a few..

 FYI: your data sheet is not complete... 

the  netbsd/alpha  FAQ sheet.. the chip is listed as 74abt623d 
it is specifically a 

74abt623d sot163-1

order thru Phillips semicondictors 800 237 7381 (national hdqt.)
  * not Phillips Magnavox

in new england the warehouse is  new england tech solutions 
burlington. my contact was Melinda 781 229 8888

 there are three versions:
sot 163-1 is 7.5 mm wide (your board)
sot 339-1 is 5.3 mm wide
sot 360-1 is 4.4 mm wide

as well as other mounting styles, if thay need some chips, call 

all three are surface mount... if anyone wants to play, they 
all so the same, just different sizes.

they run from  -40 deg Celsius to 85 degrees celcius.max.. how 
hot is that?

ambient (best) is 25 degrees Celsius ? how hot?

at max heat, the speed is reduced approx. 20%, effectively 
bringing that bridge do a 100 MHz machine.. 50 degrees Celsius 
appears to be the top of the smooth running area performance of 
that chip in particular, ass well as many of the others on board 
are rated for running good between 15 and 45 degrees Celsius...
I do not know how hot that is, it is off the sp

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