Subject: Re: making a custom boot floppy
To: Yubyub bird <>
From: nm <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/05/2000 20:34:02
At 07:56 PM 5/5/00 -0400, Yubyub bird wrote:
>I used the following hack on an AS 200 4/166...
>I put an Adaptec 2940UW in the machine (initiates at ID 7).
>I set the onboard NCR SCSI to initiate at ID 6.
>I connected the Adaptec, the NCR and the disks on a single chain.
>Create a boot kernel which only knows about the Adaptec SCSI card.
>Boot, and voila - the kernel is laoded off the NCR, but since the kernel
>doesn't know about the NCR, the adaptec becomes the primary SCSI.  So I
>can boot, and still enjoy the pleasures of UW SCSI.
>Cool, huh? ;-)

Wow!  Killer idea!  I have to try this.