Subject: Re: making a custom boot floppy
To: nm <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/05/2000 14:22:09
On 957561014 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
nm wrote:
>I am lucky enough to have an AS200 system.
>My disks are on a PCI adaptec 2940uw controller.  Since SRM 
>on this model cannot use the adaptec controller I would like
>to see about booting the kernel from a floppy disk.
>What should I do to make a single boot floppy that contains a
>kernel?  The floppy drive is a 1.44MB drive and so I am
>beginning to wonder if a 1.4.2 kernel with tcpip, some fs's,
>ethernet, scsi, etc... will fit (stripped/gzip'd) on a 1.44MB
>Hmm... the other bummer is that the case has no room inside
>for a small 'hard boot disk' :(
>I am beginning to think that I am out of luck until I buy an
>SRM compatible controller like the Tekram DC-390F.
>Any ideas or suggestions?

My PWS433a can't boot off its 2940UW.  So, I just netboot it
with a kernel that looks for the root partition at sd0a.  My AS200
boots off a 100MB SCSI disk internally, and uses the 5 external
barracudas to run (and serves the boot image to the PWS433a.)
Are you absolutely sure that you can't fit a little SCSI disk
in there?  How about from an old Mac Laptop, didn't they have
little SCSI disks in them?

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