Subject: SOFTDEP on DEC 3000/300 mystery deepens...
To: None <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/04/2000 10:28:47
Well, I discovered that SOFTDEP using the GENERIC kernel config file
actually works on my DEC 3000/300, but it doesn't work using my stripped
down custom kernel config file.

My stripped down kernel config basically comments out support for all
the machine types other than the 3000/300, and also comments out all the
devices not supported by the 3000/300, e.g., PCI, USB, etc. etc.

SOFTDEP will always panic my custom kernel, but works when all the other
extraneous gunk is compiled in.

I guess there must be some subtle dependency somewhere that is causing
things to break.

For now, I'd rather go with over twice the kernel size (useless junk and
all) and working SOFTDEP than having one that panics rather than run
with SOFTDEP enabled.  But, aesthetically, that's not very pleasing... :-)




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