Subject: Re: problems compiling php-mysql
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Kevin <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/31/1999 19:33:14
At 03:35 PM 8/31/1999 , Ross Harvey wrote:
> > From: Todd Vierling <>
> >
> > On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, Kevin wrote:
> >
> > : In the Makefile I made one change to get it through the configure
> > : script.  The mysql directory needed to be changed from /usr/pkg to 
> /usr/local
> > :
> > : CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-mysql=/usr/local
> >
> > ! If you're using mysql from pkgsrc, then your LOCALBASE should point 
> to the
> > same prefix used for mysql.

It does.  But a better way to handle this in the makefile would be..


In the original makefile this line looks more like this, which breaks when 
my LOCALBASE is set to /usr/local.


>Possible answer: what's happening is that the compiler's memory footprint
>has exploded, forward progress has stalled, and the last thing printed was a
>non-fatal warning.  (And which I think has been fixed.)
>Try this without the -O.

Okay,  I removed the only "-o" that was in the packages's makefile.   Now 
it shows a real fatal error, but I am no closer to a fix. `` is not 
on the system anywhere, should it be?

TIA for any help you can provide.

kev 7:15pm /usr/pkgsrc/www/php3-mysql>sudo make
===>  Building for php-mysql-3.0.7
cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/php3-mysql/work/php-3.0.7/functions &&  cc -O2  -c -I.. 
-I. -I/usr/local/include/mysql -fPIC -DPIC -DCOMPILE_DL mysql.c &&  ld 
-Bshareable mysql.o -L/usr/local/lib/mysql -R/usr/local/lib/mysql 
mysql.c: In function `php3_mysql_do_connect':
mysql.c:574: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size
ld: cannot open No such file or directory
*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1