Subject: Re: Decent SCSI card for AlphaStation 200?
To: Wilko Bulte <>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/31/1999 18:08:37
On Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 12:23:03PM +0200, Wilko Bulte wrote:
> The DEC name for the isp based cards is KZPBA-CA (single ended) and 
> KZPBA-CB (differential). Both are Qlogic buyouts. Recent SRM's can boot
> them (on machines that support KZPBA of course). The SRM also loads 
> firmware into the isp IIRC.

Define "recent". 

Also, what machines support them? (I'm taking notes over here.)
> Differential stuff is a bit of a pain as it is not mainstream.

Anybody else get the feeling mainstream stuff tends to suck?

> Alternatively, using a differential host adapter you could find yourself
> something like a StorageWorks shelf, pop a DWZZA/DWZZB differential/se
> converter in it and use single ended devices inside the shelf.

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