Subject: Re: Decent SCSI card for AlphaStation 200?
To: None <>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/31/1999 10:03:02
> From: Wilko Bulte <>
> As Ross Harvey wrote ...
> > There are pluses and minuses. My non-scientific impressions (take these
> > with a grain of salt, my experience with these has not been deep) ...
> > 
> > 	ncr-based cards	
> > 		* SRM can boot them (as long as the chip isn't newer
> > 			than your SRM)
> > 		* the driver has been a royal pain, but does seem to
> > 		  always get beat into shape
> The DEC name for the NCR810 board is a KZPAA-AA. There are also
> ethernet/scsi combo boards, I think these are KZPSM (10Mbit enet &
> fast SCSI NCR810) and KZPCM (10/100Mbit enet & dual ultra SCSI ncr875(?))
> KZPAA is a plain NCR board (the ones I have have the NCR logo on them)
> PSM and PCM are DEC designs.

Thanks Wilko! I should have posted the part numbers. Here is the DEC
number for a differential ncr pci card: KZPSA-xx. I think I have a KZPSA-BB.
I bought one or two from northeast digital but they don't have any right now.
One good feature of that card: it's an '825 (or earlier) I think, so it will
work with older SRM's that don't grok the '875.

Unlike fast ethernet cards, any mfr's card that has an ncr chip on it will
be recognized by SRM, so a Symbios or other ncr-based card will be fine.