Subject: New to Alpha & NetBSD, any pointers?
To: None <>
From: Howard Leadmon <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/31/1999 04:33:20
   Hello All,

 Just joined this list a couple hours ago, so sorry if I ask anything
that was recently discussed here..

 I managed to get my hands on a few 164SX/533 boards, and wanted to 
get a decent UNIX on it instead of NT.  So if I went looking, and got
the SRM console loaded, and even made the install disks for NetBSD, and
loaded the base OS on the 3GB EIDE drive I had sitting here.  So as of
now I have a basic Alpha/NetBSD 1.4.1 kernel up and running.  Here are 
the few issues I have run into..

First, when I boot from SRM to the hard-drive, everything seems like it's 
going great.  I see the primary loader run, then the secondary, and it
initializes all the devices.  Finally it goes to mount the root filesystem
and I get a message like telling me it can't. here is the msg from the 

WARNING: can't figure what device matches "IDE 0 108 0 0 0 0 0"

It ask's me to tell it the root drive, which I answer 'wd0' to and then 
the machine comes up just fine and runs like a champ.  I looked everywhere, 
and can't find where to tell the OS that the root disk is wd0, not that long
IDE string above.  Any ideas how to fix this??

Second, I went to add users, and though I see a man page for things like
'adduser' they don't seem to exist.  I told it to install everything, and
even went back ad looked at the distribution sets, but a lot of stuff like
that seems to be missing.  Are there other sets that are not part of the 
full install I am missing??

Third, and I think also related to the second item, I went looking for the 
kernel sources so I could possibly gen a more specific kernel, and I see
nada under /usr/src/sys.  Are the kernel sources some optional package, and
if so, where do I find them??  

Needless to say, I think I have a start here, but need a few pointers as to
what I am missing, and where to find it, as some basic stuff like the kern 
sources seem gone.  The cc compiler seems fine, as I have already compiled
and loaded the most recent ssh1/ssh2 packages, to I can get on the box with 
a little more security.

Any pointers would be most appreciated...

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