Subject: Miata hardware description
To: None <>
From: Hal Murray <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/13/1999 02:54:17
I'm working on it - mostly copying/fixing another entry.

I've got a 600au so I can get details on that.  But that's all I 
know about.

Who wrote the CPU-specific code for the Miata?

Anybody running on an "a" series Miata?  If so, can you send me the 
dmesg printout? 

Anybody running on an old/early "au" system?  If so, I'd like to 
see the dmesg output.  (I've got a new one.  I think there may have 
been interesting changes.) 

Anybody got an "au" with the covers off?

  How many internal disk slots?

  The PCI-ISA bridge chip includes IDE controllers.  Does the motherboard 
  have connectors?  Anybody tried it?  Does SRM support it?  ...

Any known problems I should mention?