Subject: Re: install.txt/SRM-ARC & XL266
To: None <>
From: Hal Murray <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/13/1999 01:18:32
> Apropos to neophyte installations on AXP machines, it seems to this
> beginner that without the SRM console it's not possible to install
> netBSD.

> Unfortunately you're totally right.  The XL266 is ARC only.
> So are the PC164RX boards, Samsung UX boards (I don't remember the
> company who designed them, Samsung builds them) and API's UP2000(?)
> NT boxes AFAIK.

It might help to add that to the main supported-hardware page (with 
a link to the no-ARC section in the FAQ).  Often negative information 
is as useful as positive info. 

Similarly, a section about display controllers would be useful.  
It's not obvious that some/most TGAs won't work.  I can't even find 
where the web pages say anything about TGAs.  Is an entry in the 
FAQ appropriate?  I think I've seen a message saying that some specific 
model/size works and I know I've got one that causes crashes. 

Links from the list of suported models in to the corresponding 
detailed section in 
would be helpful.

  Missing links would also remind us that we have work to do.  Which 
  remindes me.  I promised to make a first pass at one for the Miata... 


Since the subject of this message starts with install.txt, here are 
a few comments... 

I'd rate install.txt as OK but not great. 

install.txt is over 100K bytes.  It's hard to find things, especially 
if you don't know what you are looking for (yet).  But I'd rather 
have too much than too little. 
I managed to install NetBSD on an Alpha without much help.  I started 
without knowing much about NetBSD.  It took a few days once I got 

I printed out install.txt and marked things up with red ink. 

In the process of doing my first install, I made a checklist.  Mostly 
it is just a list of steps so I don't forget anything.  But it also 
contains various notes, URLs, and chunks that are handy to cut/paste.  

Anytime I had to search for something, I added a note when I found 
it.  Anytime I discovered something neat or how to work around a 
bug/glitch I added another note. 
The install-from-scratch section is most of a printed page.  That 
just gets the generic kernel going on a bare system.  I've got another 
half page of notes about how to set things up and make the system 
useful - mostly about configuring other network cards. 

The kernel building section is a half page with another half page 
on configuring things. 

Does anybody else have a similar set of notes/checklists or is everybody 
reading this a wizard? 

A checklist with lots of links into install.txt might be helpful 
to first timers.