Subject: Re: pciide performance on alpha
To: Jarle Greipsland <>
From: Ken Wellsch <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/12/1999 09:30:53
| From: Jarle Greipsland <>
| Andreas Johansson writes:
| > I have another question regarding pciide: Is there anyone that has seen
| > really good performance with pciide and the alpha?
| Depends on what you mean by "really good".
|	...
| When reading directly from /dev/rwd0c I get slightly better numbers,
| 15-16MB/s sustained.  Generating a file (from /dev/zero) on wd0g
| writes approximately 14-15 MB/s through the file system (plain FFS).

I believe Andreas mentioned working with a PC164SX?  I too have an SX.
I guess I should have sprung for the extra $$'s and got an LX like all
the other alpha folks in-the-know as I too have noted the anemic EIDE
performance vs the same drive and OS on an i386 platform (both using plain
DMA).  When I moved my IBM drive from my PPro box to my SX box, I "lost"
at least 50% and I'd claim 75% on transfer rates, based on bonnie
measurements at that time.

If I got off my butt and learned how to tweak the driver maybe I'd corrupt
my file-systems, get no better performance, and learn to just shut-up 8-)
I was getting 2-3Mb/s as it was (haven't checked recently) and I can
boot from the IDE so I can't really complain...

-- Ken