Subject: Re: X on AlphaStation 500?
To: Sven Dietrich <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/10/1999 08:12:15
On 934292268 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Sven Dietrich wrote:
>On Jun 4, 1999, elric wrote:
>> Only the TGA in 8bit mode is supported at the moment.  I am currently
>> working on the TGA2, which needs to be twiddled a little bit before
>> it will work.  I expect to make some time to work on it towards
>> the middle of the month, and I hope to have it working by the end
>> of the month.  From my initial perusal of the TGA2 docs, I should
>> be able to accelerate it to be quite a bit faster than the TGA.
>Any progress on this project?

Well, progress has been slower than I would have liked, as moving
and getting my computers set up was more time intensive than I
would have liked.  I have twiddled a bit with the TGA2 and have
got it to output video that my monitor doesn't really like.  (But,
then the monitor is an old 5-BNC 19" Sun, and it only likes one
very specific mode.) I am planning on grabbing a multi-sync monitor
which has a nice sync display so that I can make the troubleshooting

In the meantime, I have been working on accelerating the 8 bit TGA
that is in my Multias and I've been having a bit of progress there.

I think that before the TGA2 is useful, I'll need to complete both
tasks as the X on my Multias is not really fast enough to be useful
at the moment.  The outstanding tasks on accelerating the TGA are:
	o FillSpans in tiled and stippled modes.
	o PushPixels (which will probably be the same code as
	o fixing a couple of oddnesses.

After that, the Xserver should be pretty useable.  (PushPixels is
used to output text, and at the moment the text is really slow.)

The oddnesses include artefacts during CopyArea and xv's menus
being highlighted in the wrong colours.

I now have a much more friendly setup at home for the first time
in months, and this is going to be my top priority outside of work
until it is at least in an "acceptable" state.

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